Köder 000

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Köder 001
Ein hübsches Mädchen wird von ihrem Schicksal in die Tiefe gezogen.

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COVER: Same Fabulae Atroces Fausti logo as appeared on “She’s the Ransom,” over another bit of neo-pulp, in this case a young woman swimmer in a 1940s-style swimsuit and hairstyle being menaced underwater by tentacles coming up from the deep. There some be if feasible some bubbles to emphasize the underwater.

CAPTION (title) (1): “Bait”

Translation (1): “Köder”

CAPTION (author) (2): Written and produced by Iago Faustus

Comment (2): “Produced” in this context means that Faustus paid an artist’s commission to Erosarts for his services in doing the illustration and also arranged for the publication of the webcomic.

Translation (2): Geschrieben und produziert von Iago Faustus

CAPTION (artist) (3): Illustrated by Erosarts

Translation (3): Illustriert von Ersoarts

 Köder (Deutsch/Langseitige Version)
Köder (Deutsch/Dia-Version)