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Ein unheilvoller Sonnenaufgang über der Südsee.

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PAGE 1 (Four panels)

Panel 1: CAPTAIN IVAN DRUMMINGDALE (“Drummingdale’) stands at the bow of his ship, the RV SEAGOON. Drummingdale is a gaunt, tall, naval-looking man. He wears a short-sleeved white shirt with captain’s epaulets and a seaman’s cap. It is dawn in the tropics. Drummingdale is staring out to sea and speaks without turning around.

Drummingdale (1): You’re up early today, Professor Turpentine.

Translation (1): Sie sind früh auf den Beinen, Professor Turpentine.

Panel 2: Drummingdale stands on the rail next to PROFESSOR EUSTACE TURPENTINE (“Turpentine”). Turpentine is a short, fat man with a white mustache and a white fringe of hair around a head which would otherwise be bald. However in this panel he is wearing a pith helmet and a twin-pocketed shirt. He looks relaxed. Drummingdale, still staring over the rail out to sea, looks anything but.

Turpentine (2): It’s a big day for us, Captain Drummingdale. Our first attempt.

Translation (2): Heute ist ein großer Tag, Käpt’n Drummingdale. Unser erster Versuch.

Drummingdale (3): Oh, aye.

Comment (3): “Aye” is “yes” with an archaic or maritime flavor. To to the extent possible, the translation should reflect this.

Translation (3): Aye, gewiss.

Panel 3: Close-up on Drummingdale’s face. His jaw is clenched.

Drummingdale (4): Can’t say I approve of what you’re going to put those girls through.

Comment (4): “Can’t say” here means “I can’t say.”

Translation (4): Ich kann nicht behaupten, dass ich es gutheiße, was Sie den Mädchen zumuten wollen.

Panel 4: Close-up on Turpentine, though not quite as close up as on Drummingdale in the previous panel. Turpentine’s expression is one of jolly unconcern.

Turpentine (5): They both signed the release, Captain.

Turpentine (5): A “release” in this context is a legal document in which one person agrees not to sue another person for certain damages that might be incurred in an activity both are involved in.

Translation (5): Sie haben beide die Einwillung unterschrieben, Käpt’n.

Turpentine (6): They understand what they’re doing.

Translation (6): Sie wissen, was sie tun.

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