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Eine nackte schöne Braut springt in die geheimnisvollen Tiefen.

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PAGE 5 (Four panels)

Note: Still in sepia)

Panel 1: A long Polynesian outrigger canoe, being rowed through the surf by muscular young men. Standing implausibly in the middle of the canoe is Enzo, his movie camera rigged on a tripod somehow, cranking away and filming some scene he can see from the canoe.

CAPTION – PSEUDO-NARRATION (1): The Scelleratini brothers were even invited along to film the “wedding.”

Translation (1): Die Brüder Scelleratini wurden sogar dazu eingeladen, die “Hochzeit” zu filmen.

Panel 2: View of another outrigger canoe, also rowed by strong young men. The Bride sits in the bow of the canoe, gazing out to sea.

CAPTION – PSEUDO-NARRATION (2): The people rowed out to a spot of ocean known to be over a deep oceanic trench.

Translation (2): Die Menschen ruderten hinaus aufs Meer zu einer Stelle, an der ein tiefer Meeresgraben lag.

,span class=”comelement”>Panel 3: The Bride now stands in the bow of the canoe. She has removed her muumuu and is naked, holding her muumuu over her head so that it trails behind her in the wind. She is wearing a beatific expression.

CAPTION – PSEUDO-NARRATION (3): Those involved seemed to regard the entire proceeding as a blessed occasion.

Translation (3): Die Beteiligten betrachteten das Ritual als freudiges und gesegnetes Ereignis.

Panel 4: The Bride in mid-dive off the bow of the canoe into the ocean.

CAPTION – PSEUDO-NARRATION (4): The “bride” seemed to be acting of her own free will.

Translation (4): Die “Braut” schien nach ihrem freien Willen zu handeln.

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