Learning from Elders: Chapter 11, Page 12

Learning from Elders: Chapter 11, Page 11
Learning from Elders: Chapter 11, Page 13
It's entirely appropriate that now that Chiara is a painting, Alyssa and Janelle take her to the college museum.

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6 thoughts on “Learning from Elders: Chapter 11, Page 12

    • Who would know? Only the 4 of them were there when she was picture-fied, and the picture was promptly rolled up and put in a container.

    • Does Chekhov’s rule about guns apply to dildos here?
      If so, what is she going to do with it? It looks a bit small to affect the Erotopylon’s guard.

  1. I think the plan is for the mouse-bot to pull the canvas thru the ducts to the Erotopylon. I’m not sure how she is going to be restored to 3-D to use it. Should be interesting to see what develops.

    • It does seem to imply there was an offscreen series of events where the mouse-bot explored the ducts in order that it would now know where it was going. Perhaps it was also used to make preparations.

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