Learning from Elders: Chapter 11, Page 19

Learning from Elders: Chapter 11, Page 18
Learning from Elders: Chapter 11, Page 20
Royston Hawkins explains to Raz, Millie, and Stan the creation of a trust for their benefit.

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3 thoughts on “Learning from Elders: Chapter 11, Page 19

  1. Well, per Google Translate, Chiara means clear.

    I don’t like where this is going. Dammit, I like Chiara, and I’m going to be ticked if I find out that she’s dead. (Yes, even if she lived a full life back whenever, but she’s still dead now.)

  2. Interesting.

    Chiara appears to have returned from The Wherever at a time prior to when she left, while the Archaeologist’s Daughter appeared to have returned at a time later than when she left.

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