Learning from Elders: Chapter 11, Page 18

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Learning from Elders: Chapter 11, Page 19
Raz Chen is profoundly dismayed at what Millie and Stan have helped Chiara to do, but his is interrupted in his outrage by a knock at the door.

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4 thoughts on “Learning from Elders: Chapter 11, Page 18

  1. And you were left a safety deposit box, delivered at this specific time.

  2. They used a similar approach in “Back to the Future II”

    Read “Time Enough for Love” and how Lazarus Long communicates with his family through time using letters in nested envelopes to be delivered and opened at specific dates and times.

    • Or, for an even earlier example, read the Foundation series for how Hari Seldon communicates with the Foundation centuries after his death.

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