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Barron Petrobux Jr. ging dort hin, wo er mit seiner Filmkamera nicht hin sollte.

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PAGE 16 (Four panels)

Note: There should be some sort of framing around the panels on this and some succeeding pages to indicate that they’re “footage” taken with Barron Jr.’s Super 8 camera.

Panel 1: Barron Jr.’s hand pushing open a cabin door somewhere below decks on the Yellow Rose.

SUBTITLE (1): Camera footage taken by Barron Jr., son of Barron Sr.

Translation (1): Filmmaterial von Barron Jr., Sohn von Barron Sr.

Panel 2: We see past the door into the interior of a cabin. Phoebe, evidently surprised while changing into a bikini, is holding her as-yet-unfastened bikini top over her breasts with one arm, while charging forward and reaching for the door with her other. She wears an appropriately angry expression.

Phoebe (2): Get out of here, you little pervert!

Translation (2): Raus hier, du Kleiner Spanner!

Panel 3: View of a gangway, leading up to the deck.

Panel 4: View off the deck of the Yellow Rose. We can see the rail on the side of the deck, beyond that the ocean, and beyond that in the distance the trees and hills of the Island of Motofupo.

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  1. Lesson learned. If you habitually call a wrench a spanner, don’t ask for one in Germany.

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