Toozie’s Sacrifice 15

Toozie's Sacrifice 14
Toozie's Sacrifice 16
The rest of an ecstatic Toozie is sucked down the maw of the tentacle beast.  Her "progress" is monitored by scientists behind a glass panel.

The fifteenth in the illustration series Toozie’s Sacrifice The series was commissioned by me and done by the artist Dark Vasili. It is concept art for a screenplay on which I am working with the tentative title of Auto-Icon.

f you support this artist on patreon as I do, you can get access to the artist’s galleries of exquisitely-rendered (some of it very NSFW) work.

This image is available in high resolution: click on the image to load or right-click to download.

Please do not republish this image or create derivative works from it or the story of which it is part without my permission.

One thought on “Toozie’s Sacrifice 15

  1. Always enjoy the reveal of the observing scientists watching through the glass. Seemingly detached of any emotion in response to what is happening to the subject in front of them.

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