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Der spannende Wurf der Münze.

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PAGE 45 (Four panels)

Panel 1: Extreme close-up: view of the front of a 1907 Saint Gaudens double eagle held between Turpentine’s thumb and forefinger. (views of the front and reverse of this famous coin can be found at) https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Double_eagle#/media/File:NNC-US-1907-G$20-Saint_Gaudens_(Roman,_high_relief).jpg (Accessed March 6, 2017)

CAPTION – TURPENTINE NARRATING (1): If Lady Liberty comes up, then Eliza will be our first subject.

Translation (1): Bei Lady Liberty wird Eliza unsere erste Versuchsperson.

Panel 2: Extreme close-up: view of the back of the same coin shown between Turpentine’s thumb and forefinger.

CAPTION – TURPENTINE NARRATING (2): If the eagle comes up, then Daphne will go first, and Eliza will be her backup.

Translation (2): Beim Adler wird Daphe zuerst runter gehen und Eliza ist unser Ersatz.

Panel 3: Turpentine, having flipped the coin, which can be seen in mid-air just past its arc, in mid turn as it spins (indicate with motion lines.

Panel 4: Turpentine, having caught the coin in his right hand and brought it down on the back of his left (also indicate with motion lines, and an action word, designated below:!)

ACTION WORD (Turpentine’s catching coin) (3): Catch!

Translation (3): Fang!

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