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Rosalie Quisp leads a lonely life.

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Sound of a lock TURNING. Rosalie enters her apartment and turns on the light. She is dressed as she was in the previous scene.

The apartment is an efficiency, neat and spare almost to the point of being monastic. That the apartment is on a high floor can be seen by a nighttime cityscape stretching far away through the uncurtained windows.

TWEEDLING from Rosalie’s handbag. Rosalie pulls out a phone and looks at the screen.



(shakes her head)

Always, always spam.

Rosalie puts her bag and phone down on the kitchen alcove’s counter, goes to the freezer and takes out a single-serving reduced-calorie meal which she puts in a microwave. She then puts on a tea-kettle.

Rosalie’s phone RINGS. She picks it up quickly, almost lunging for it.

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