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Первое знакомство со щупальцами.

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PAGE 32 (Single panel page – do in color)

Single panel: A girl swimming partly upright underwater in a giant (at least 6 meters high and 4 meters in diameter) cylindrical glass tank. She is wearing a utilitarian one-piece swimsuit, to which various “tentacle” attachments have been made at various places, including at the breasts and between her legs. Her face is covered with an attachment rather like the “mask” that covered Phoebe Petrobux’s face in her last appearance above the surface. Beneath the swimming girl’s feet there is a large tube similar to the feeding siphon the creature is believed to have. Off to the right of the panel a white-coated scientist is operating a control panel with a variety of levers and dials. To the left, another scientist watches monitors and keeps notes.

CAPTION – TURPENTINE NARRATING (1): Those women who got through the initial rounds of the process went through a simulation test.

Translation (1): Женщины, прошедшие первые раунды отбора, были испытаны на симуляторе.

CAPTION – TURPENTINE NARRATING (2): We don’t want subjects who will panic and struggle under field conditions.

Translation (2): Нам не нужны люди, которые могут впасть в паническое состояние в полевых условиях.

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