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An astonishing upload from the creature.

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Okay, Harry, look, I know this is all really horrible but we’ve got to keep our heads clear before things really blow up. This looks like a pretty clear case of accident or suicide so we can probably keep entanglements with the authorities to a minimum. As for liability, Dr. Quisp has no close living family, so…


Good lord, Arthur. My valued colleague is a pile of bones here, and you want to talk about…

There is a PINGING noise. Ernie pulls out his smart phone and looks at it.


The creature just uploaded something into the virtual space.


This is really not the time…


We should take a look, just to make sure it doesn’t make things worse.

Harry pauses, then nods at Ernie


I’ll patch it through.

Ernie punches something on his phone. The video screen in the conference room is now filled with text and scientific diagrams of various kinds. Harry looks at it and furrows his brow.


What the…go to the next page.

Another page of the same.


(to Arthur)

Give me your phone.

Harry begins scrolling through page after page of material. His eyes scan through the material he is reading with feverish intensity.


This is not garbage.

(scans a few more pages)

This is not right-wing propaganda, or literary crackpottery. If this is what I think it is, then the creature has just given us…

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One thought on “Auto-Icon Storyboard 060

  1. I’m guessing the creature does more than just ingest its victims, it also assimilates their knowledge and maybe aspects of their personality as well.

    The creature, now being aware of all Rosalie knew, has probably created a plausible reason for continuing the project (and therefore its own survival).

    Or, it’s a perfect copy of Rosalie in virtual form, ready to be turned into an interactive hologram, or synthetic, or something.

    Either way, it’s looking good for the creature.

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