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Strange woman in a computer room.

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Richards, Harry, and Arthur enter the computer room. This is a giant, largely dark circular space in the center of which there is a huge black monolith of a computer.

Stereotyped science guys, men in white coats with heavy-framed glasses, move around, make notes, manipulate keypads, etc.

About twenty feet from door, between the monolith and the door, stands a cylindrical glass tube about two meters and sixty centimeters across.

Inside the tube, as the three men approach, a holographic projection appears.

It is the MEDIATRIX, in appearance the same woman as the Sacrifice, but in this instance wearing a flowing white gown. She glows like an image on television. She looks at Harry and speaks in a purring contralto.


Good morning, Dr. Lal.


Who…who are you?


I am the Mediatrix. I was created by the Gynophage as a gift to humanity.


The Gynophage?


The creature in your laboratory which you have adopted and care for, yes.


(aside to Richard)

Makes sense, Greek roots, gune woman, phagein to eat.


And what kind of “gift” are you to humanity?


I am an artificial intelligence created to broker peace in the Stradanya conflict. Are you familiar with the Stradanya conflict, Dr. Lal?


I see it on the news sometime, but I cannot claim to know much about it.

The Mediatrix closes her eyes, opens them again and begins a lecture.

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  1. You might want to consider changing “stereotyped” to “stereotypical”, as it currently reads as though the scientists had the stereotype forced upon them, rather than it being inherent.

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