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Richards strides rapidly down the corridor, followed by Arthur and Harry, who are struggling a bit to keep up. They are doing a “walk-and-talk.”


The main file that was uploaded was object code, instructions that only a computer could understand. When we ran it through a decompiler to try to make it readable to a human being, what we got were two hundred and fifty million lines of obfuscated source code, the most unreadable mess any of our experts had ever seen: routines that called routines that looped around endlessly, complete spaghetti.


So, what did you do?


There was a second file, and this one was very clear. It was instructions for creating a new kind of holographic computer interface. Ingenious stuff, but the instructions were clear enough that our engineers were able to put one together in about a week.


And then?


Well, we figured the code probably wasn’t for nothing, even if we didn’t understand it, so we decided to run it and just see what happened. We of course took a lot of precautions, isolating the supercomputer on which it ran. We put in the code, hooked up the interface, and turned it on. The result, gentlemen, is what you are about to see.

Richards stops at a door. He waves a key card in front of a pad that causes the door to unlock and slide open.

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  1. Cue a giant floating hologrammatic head, resembling that of a middle-aged balding man, that nods sagaciously in their direction then says,

    “All right, dudes?”

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