Podcast Appearance: M on Bloodybits

Bloodybits Podcast appearance: The Fly
"To Reach Her Full Potential" -- Audio Script Companion Illustration 1

I join with Eddie the Axe and Tim Yobo this week on The Bloodybits Horror Show to discuss Fritz Lang’s 1931 classic M, the movie that pretty much invented the serial-killer genre and introduced Peter Lorre to the world. I probably talk too much about Weimar Germany and also tell an anecdote about something super-creepy that happened Peter Lorre’s American daughter Catharine in 1977. Follow this link to the Bloodybits page where you can find all the show notes and download links, or just search for “Bloodybits” in your podcast app of choice. If you like what Eddie and Tim are doing, I encourage you to support them on Patreon, as I do.