3 thoughts on “Nutty Monster on the Campus: Act III, p. 2

  1. Now taking bets Nellie’s former boyfriend is the one in custody for being a hippy…

    • And the interrogation would probably go something like:

      “Make it easy on yourself, kid. We got you dead to rights.
      “#1 You’re found at the scene. Tha’t suspicious for starters.”
      “But, I live here!”
      “Whatever. #2 We’re looking for someone who wears glasses, and, lookie here, what’s this on your face?”
      “But, lots of people wear glasses!”
      “So does our perp. And #3 You’re a hippie, and I don’t like hippies!”
      “But, I’m not a hippie, officer. I’m bohemian*!”
      “Tell it to the judge!”

      (*I just spotted Le Chat Noir in the background. Coincidence, non?)

  2. There’s that cat again. Does it symbolize something other than bad luck?

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