8 thoughts on “Nutty Monster on the Campus: Act III, p. 3

  1. But Aimee, didn’t you come here to, y’know, study and make something of yourself…?
    I’m not saying a good cook can’t attract a mate, but this isn’t bridal school.

    • In the 1950s and into the 1960s, especially outside of elite institutions like the Seven Sisters, finding a suitable husband was priority for many American women attending college. The process was colloquially known as “getting your MRS degree.” Courses on marriage and family life were very popular and, at least of Florence King’s memoir Confessions of a Failed Southern Lady can be trusted on the matter, would often include “gender-appropriate” assignments like cooking a meal or doing your boyfriend’s laundry for a week. (Men might be assigned to do something like fix their girlfriend’s car.)

        • There’s a Bridal school? Do you learn ‘marital relations’ there? Did you know that woman couldn’t rent an apartment, buy a car, get a credit or a bank accouunt without a male relative or husband’s signature?

    • My mother worked her way through college and she always talked about her friend who was better and smarter in her subjects but she got married after graduation. She always was jealous of her because she thought she should’ve done something with her degree. My mother did well for herself even though she thought having children was slowing her down.

  2. So, has Polly Mae’s condition spread, or has she just asserted her new-found authority on the sorority?

  3. Polly is playing a very intricate piano composition, can anyone identify the composer?

    My guess is: Alexander Scriabin.

    • Scriabin’s Piano Sonata No. 6, Opus 62.

      The “surges of terror” remind me of the main theme from Predator.

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