Drug bunny

My facetious title aside, this work is in fact entitled Love, by Polish artist Aleksandra Marchocka. It is reblogged here with her kind permission. She notes that it is inspired by Agnolo Bronzino‘s (1503-1572) Allegory of Lust (you can see the original work here), and further that it took part in the exhibition ” “Włoski, włoski…” (“Italian, Italian…” I think) in Warsaw in 2012.

Aleksandra has a DeviantArt site, her own professional site, and can be reached as well on Instagram and Facebook.

Nurses Make It All Better With Drugs

scantily clad nurses distributing a LOT of pills

The image above is a still from the 2003 movie Party Monster. A closely-related frame appears in higher resolution on this page along with the caption “This week I saw an amazing movie called Party Monster from 2003. It is based on a true story of an extravagant guy who was party organizer but whose life became a downward spiral of all popularity, drugs and murder.”

party nurses handing out pills

A very brief glimpse of these same good-time party nurses can be seen about one minute and twenty-five seconds into this movie trailer available on YouTube:

This post is a reblog with added provenance from a 16 November 2013 post at Infernal Wonders. The original image source at that time was a now-missing post at the Psykvi tumblr of which, sadly, no trace whatsoever remains on Tumblr or in the Internet Archive.