Grindbin Appearance: The Pumaman

There is a story about actor Donald Pleasance — best known perhaps as “Dr. Loomis” in the Halloween movies — that he would never turn down a role. I don’t know if that’s true or not, but his appearance as the villain in Grindbin watch of The Pumaman (1980), a “super”-hero movie that for the most part deserves its obscurity, seem like strong confirmatory evidence of the story’s truth. Like so many movies of its ilk, The Pumaman made it onto the Grindbin podcast, and I appeared. Mike, Bobby, and Michael Tanner all make funny jokes while I mostly spend two hours fuming about how the damn writers didn’t do any damn research. Or that’s how I remember it anyway. We recorded it sort of late. You can download or listen to the episode here or subscribe to the Grindbin Podcast using your podcast app of choice.

Grindbin Appearance: Truck Turner

Truck Turner podcast promotional art by Lucy Fidelis

Promotional art for Truck Turner podcast by Lucy Fidelis

It’s always fun to be on the Grindbin Podcast, and this week’s episode has me on with Grindbin regulars Mike and Bobby and fellow guest (and fellow comics writer) Michael J. Tanner to discuss the great big blacksploitation picture Truck Turner, with great big Isaac Hayes, a very menacing Yaphet Kotto, and Nichelle Nichols in a role that will really surprise all you Star Trek fans. Faustus says give it a listen! You can play or download the episode here or just search for Grindbin on your podcast app of choice.

Grindbin Appearance: Bare Behind Bars

The depraved warden in Bare Behind Bars enjoys a new prisoner.
Bare Behind Bars illustration by Lucy Fidelis

It was my pleasure to have appeared on another episode of the Grindbin Podcast. Mike and the McCollum boys and I take a deep dive into what may well be the most depraved women-in-prison movie of all time, Bare Behind Bars. (Seriously, it makes Ilsa, She-Wolf of the SS look like an arthouse movie.) You can download the episode here or subscribe to ‘Bin on your podcast app of choice. As with most of my appearances on the ‘Bin, I am making my notes on the episode available for download.

Our cover art for the episode is again by the lovely and talented Lucy Fidelis.

Back on the ‘bin doing _Sex and Zen_

Hong Kong actress Amy Yip in a seductive pose.

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It is a privilege and a pleasure to announce that Mike and Chris over at the Grindbin Podcast have graciously invited me back on their show, this time to discuss the 1991 Hong Kong erotic extravaganza Sex and Zen. Yuan Dynasty sexual hijinks! Medieval mad science! And of course, Amy Yip, last seen going wild in Robotrix (also covered on the Grindbin).

In what is I believe a first for Grindbin, and a rarity in the podcasting world, I am making the whole of my podcast episode notes available for download for those who want a deeper dive into the backstory of the movie, its sources, and critical discussion (such as I could find). As a bonus, the notes have Amy Yip in an additional seductive pose done by Lucy Fidelis, and also an opportunity to get an Erotic Mad Science postcard for answering a simple questions (above and beyond, “what is your address?”)

You’re missing a lot if you don’t tune in. You can listen to or download the podcast here or simply search for “Grindbin” and load it up on your podcast app of choice. I promise you won’t be bored (though perhaps you might be outraged).

Thanks, Grindbin Podcast

Since not too long after its inception I’ve been brightening up my Wednesdays with Mike Wood and Chris Mann’s Grindbin Podcast. Every week these two gentlemen pick out some obscure exploitation film from (usually) the 1970s or 1980s and give it a humorous working over, and it’s evident that even when they’re doing so at their most snarky they’re putting a lot of love into the enterprise too. (Seriously: these guys once put a whole month of effort into Linda Blair cinematic rarities.) As readers of this site know, I have a fair amount of love for exploitation cinema as well, so the podcast is a real pleasure for me.

In order to show my appreciation, last month I made a very modest donation to their enterprise, which they generously recognized in this week’s podcast (devoted to the appropriately bizarre 1982 mad science “comedy” Jekyll and Hyde…Together Again), even mentioning this site and the Tales of Gnosis College. Thanks right back at you, guys.

If you happen to have a fondness of exploitation, I urge you dial this podcast up: there is an episode archive here and you can follow the podcast on Twitter @Grindpod. They will be easy to find on your podcast app of choice. Give them a five-star review on Itunes and they’ll consider doing a movie on your request. Faustus sez…check it out.