Pulp Parade #127: You can’t fool me! That’s not Batman!

This is Spicy Mystery Stories for February 1936, cover by H.J. Ward. The ISFDB entry for this issue is here. This image of the cover is an unusually large one (click through to see in larger size), which I found in, of all places, the comments section of this post at Door Flies Open.

In additional all the other unusual riches available for this issue, Pulp Covers has actually made available the “Bat Man” story online as a PDF document, in case you’re curious about what lurked beneath the lurid covers of a pulp magazine. See here.

Pulp Art recreation XX: A spicy adventure


A second entry from CG artist KristinF, following a theme for today.



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The cover of Spicy Adventure Stories (July 1935). The artist for the cover, as can be seen in a signature in the lower-left, was H.J. Ward (1909-1945). He has a modest Pulp Artists catalog here. I blogged this image originally in a post “Slave Girl and Racial Stereotype” at Infernal Wonders.

The Artist

KristinF has a DeviantArt site here and an additional, possibly more explicit site here.