Brenda and Gel Girl Pamela I

Buxom Brenda and Gel Girl Pamela begin an amorous encounter.  Art by Lucy Fidelis.

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Today we kick off a new illustration series. Longtime Erotic Mad Science contributor Lucy Fidelis has created a very pretty series imagining an amorous encounter between Brenda (a character who first appears in Beware the Asylum) and gel girl Pamela Rei. The result certainly please me, and I hope they will please you as well.

I have made this image available in full resolution. Click to load or right-click to download.

You can follow Locy’s work either at her professional site or at her DeviantArt page.

Grindbin Appearance: Bare Behind Bars

The depraved warden in Bare Behind Bars enjoys a new prisoner.
Bare Behind Bars illustration by Lucy Fidelis

It was my pleasure to have appeared on another episode of the Grindbin Podcast. Mike and the McCollum boys and I take a deep dive into what may well be the most depraved women-in-prison movie of all time, Bare Behind Bars. (Seriously, it makes Ilsa, She-Wolf of the SS look like an arthouse movie.) You can download the episode here or subscribe to ‘Bin on your podcast app of choice. As with most of my appearances on the ‘Bin, I am making my notes on the episode available for download.

Our cover art for the episode is again by the lovely and talented Lucy Fidelis.