Fresh from the bath

Transforming Aloysius
More locker-room snooping

Tricia knew what she was doing, attempting her seduction of the by-mad-science-enhanced Aloysius by showing up fresh from a shower, clad only in a towel.  It’s a very sexy way to come on, as Pierre Bonnard clearly understood.

Pierre Bonnard (1867 - 1947), "In the Bathroom" (1907)

(Fine Wet Canvas forum discussion on Bonnard here.)  Needless to say the theme continues right down to the present day, and what better excuse than this scene to throw in a picture of an anime goddess, wrapped in a towel.

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What Aloysius is about to discover, rather to his sorrow, is that even if you go through a thaumaturgic transformation like Den, you are not automatically transferred to a sword-and-sorcery realm of abundant sexual gratification.  In fact, a surprising number of your life-problems stay with you…