More locker-room snooping

Fresh from the bath
In trouble at Magdalene

Maureen takes advantage of her ability to be invisible to find an unusual scene, and an unusual gratification.

A story from Dr. Faustus’s life lies behind this scene (sadly, one less interesting than I’m sure many of you readers promptly thought of).  Here is the background:  I spent adolescence surrounded by nice, well brought-up Christian girls whose attitude toward erotic materials was “Porn!  Icky poo!  Baby Jesus cries!”  And then I went off to college and found myself amongst outstanding, well-educated college women whose attitude toward erotica was “Porn!  Icky poo!  Degrades women!”

And then at about 21 or so I found myself in the company of a lady companion who told me — perhaps a little bashfully — about who incredibly horny she found herself watching a gay male porn movie.

It was a revelatory moment.  And Maureen’s invisible girl voyeurism is a tribute to that revelation.

In retrospect it should not have been so surprising.  The athlete is one form of extraordinary human perfection, and thereby loaded with erotic interest.  The Greeks, in their Olympic games, understood this fact perfectly well.

And significantly, the modern Olympics have always been freighted with both heteroerotic and homoerotic interest.  There is a goofy fun pre-code Hollywood movie about which I have blogged before called The Search for Beauty (1934), which pus beauty on display in (among many other ways) the form of Buster Crabbe in the shower.

Naturally, the whole fun them will find its way to Japan, where it will be exploited in anime.

(Note:  what an awesome era we live in!  You google image search on “gay hentai locker room” and you get “gay hentai locker room.”  187,000 results in 0.07 seconds, when I tried it.)

With the beautiful boys going at it in the locker room, there’s a thought that stands out for me, which I might attribute to my lady companion of all those years ago, or to Maureen for that matter.