In trouble at Magdalene

More locker-room snooping
Girl, suspended

It can be a serious mistake to piss off a bunch of nuns, especially if said nuns maintain enough bondage dungeons in their cloistered spaces that they have to be given numbers.  Willie has already found out that you trifle with the Magdalene College nuns at your peril, and Professor Rebecca Waite is about to learn the same, the hard way.  As Rope Guy over at Bondage Blog once observed

Enraged nuns. With ropes. It’s never pretty:

…they seized the luckless wight,
And began to exercise their spite;
They tied him to a tree, that grew
Within the yard, of mournful yew,
Then went to search with indignation
For instruments of flagellation.

Ouch.  He’s quoting a much longer poem, the whole of which can be found here.

And as for the fact that Professor Waite is eventually delivered back to campus with her clothes freshly laundered and folded?  Well, I guess I couldn’t quite avoid alluding to this little scandal