Athletic performances

One sharp young woman
Pwned petgirl

The scene in which John Samson finally gets underway on his primary mission of using his biological weapon in the culture war is written as close to straight-up bonehead porn as I normally get: a sequence of what Alex in A Clockwork Orange would have called “the old in-out.”

I did have one twist, in Noreen’s use of simple exercise equipment for doing an athletic variant on intercourse in the reverse cowgirl position, a commentary on the erotic inspiration provided by athletes and their abilities.

Does the inspiration have a visual component?  But of course!  Here is a very recent example:

From a site called Nude Sports Blog, the existence of which should surprise exactly no one, I should think.

But probably a more direct inspiration was this erotic watercolor by “Stika.”  You can click through for a larger image.

Athletic indeed!