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Experimental PDF version of Gnosis Dreamscapes available
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With a little additional tweaking, I now have PDFs of all scripts available, and I’ll try to make these available on a go-forward basis for future scripts. I do think these will be a little easier on the eyes for two reasons:  (1) I can use a slightly heavier Courier font (Courier 10 Point)  in producing them than the Courier New that is generally supported by browsers and (2) there will be fewer strange line breaks that I don’t catch in the middle of blocks of text.  (WordPress, while in many ways a truly excellent software package, goes to war with my hand-coded HTML by interpreting line breaks between <p> and </p> tags as breaks to be reproduced in the text, and sometimes I don’t catch the breaks.  Bad software!)

I might update the PDFs from time to time — occasionally I spot typos or other minor mistakes that escape my initial too-quick editing process.  If I make any material changes in the future I’ll probably issue new PDFs under version numbers.

In addition to being available in links on the main script pages, you can download the PDFs for scripts directly from this post.

Happy reading, all.

I shall also try to put together a PDF version of the Thaumatophile Manifesto, but this might be a little while more, as that document presents greater production challenges due to internal links and complex formatting.

2 thoughts on “PDFs of all scripts available

  1. Thanks so much for making these all available in PDF! If I understand correctly, these are all semi-related narratives, even if they can stand on their own, right? If so, is the order you have them listed the best order to read them? If not, what would be the preferred order?

    • Probably the best order in which to read them is the order in which they appear in the title bar: Apsinthion Protocol, then Study Abroad, then Progress in Research, then Invisible Girl, Heroine, then Gnosis Dreamscapes. Study Abroad stands largely independent of the story line that starts in Apsinthion Protocol and continues in Progress in Research, but both stories feed characters and situations into Invisible Girl, Heroine, and the plotline continues from there (and will continue further past Gnosis Dreamscapes, promise!).

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