Experimental PDF version of Gnosis Dreamscapes available

A note on gender-neutral pronouns
PDFs of all scripts available

One of my simpatico commenters here at EroticMadScience.com asked if it might be possible to get PDF versions of the scripts forthe purpose of reading off-line.  I’m certainly happy to at least try to oblige, although there might be a little bit of fooling around before we get anything ideal.    My first pass at producing a PDF version of Gnosis Dreamscapes is here.  By all means please have a look and let me know what you think.

I don’t expect that this will be perfect.  The document has a slightly complex production history, having begun life in Celtx’s fine free screenwriting software and then having been exported to html (with a fair amount of manual tweaking) to get it to fit inside a WordPress blog page.    The formatting is done with custom CSS with help from a WordPress plugin called Per-Post CSS (site here), so to make the PDF I did the simple and crude thing of reverse-writing it back into a simple HTML file, loading it up in a browser, and printing to PDF.  I also tweaked the font to make it slightly heavier and (I hope) more readable.

I am eager to know what everyone thinks.  Please comment.  If it seems satisfactory I’ll try putting up versions for every script.

4 thoughts on “Experimental PDF version of Gnosis Dreamscapes available

  1. M’Dear Sir

    upon perusing your labyrinthine attempts to convert your sterling prose into the Mud Hut Peoples’ format I took it upon myself to perform some minor experimentation, myself being an inveterate tinkerer, and discovered that the Annals of Gnosis may be portaged into the Seattleite “Word” format directly. Perchance this may ease your travails?

    On another matter, have you encountered the delightful musings of Miss Cordelia Spendicutt currently on diplay at ASSTR? I venture most heartily to suggest that the investment of a little of your time would return a suitable dividend.

    Toodle Pip

    • Thanks for the suggestion, noble commenter! There might be a few twists in the plot, as I am a user of an obscure Finnish operating system disdained by the Seattleites — ancient family curse or something. Though I might be able to find a workaround.

      Do you mean, perchance, Miss Cordelia Speedicut? For I do see something of considerable promise under that name…

  2. My dear Doctor

    Mea culpa! I did indeed intend a reference to Miss Speedicut but fell victim to a Freudian slip.
    Due to a previous investigation into the ravings of the old freud I frequently find my mind somewhat adlered. Perchance this may also explain my propensity for truly appaling puns!
    Incidently, do you not find it interesting that technologists among the Finns, a race long renowned as mystics and magicians of high quality, chose as a logo a denizen of Antarctica, also known to members of the Thule Society as New Swabia and linked to both Vril-powered interplanetary craft and an entrance to the Hollow Earth?

    Toodle Pip

    • I shall watch, eagle-eyed, for any pun, however appalling, that might bring joy.

      And yes, I do find it interesting that there is some connection between a strange race of non-Indo-European people and Antarctica. Is there some connection to the ill-fated 1931 Miskatonic University expedition? Perhaps we shall never know.

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