Pwned petgirl

Athletic performances
The bound Samson

The fate of John Samson inside a Michiko-dominated dreamscape is an opportunity for me as a writer to let loose, because as a culture warrior on the side of bad (and, oh yeah, a rapist and murderer as well) he deserves whatever Michiko unloads on him.

One thing he gets after his forced feminization is treatment as a petgirl.  This scene in the montage had a specific inspiration, an image created by Asaji Muroi.  There’s no English-language Wikipedia article on him that I can find, but he’s prominently featured in Agnès Giard’s L’imaginaire érotique au Japon.  The image is this one.

Muroi seems to have mad something of a specialty out of the woman as doggie thing; I guess we all have to find some way of making our mark on the world.  If it appeals, Muroi has a slightly hard-to-navigate website here and he’s featured in an exhibition at the Musée de l’érotisme de Paris here.