One way to cause thug fail

Spider girl triumphant
Harem bath 3D

Readers of the EroticMadScience blog in its early days might recall a post on the real-world models for the four studiers-abroad in which I commented that Iris Brockman was a bit more buxom than her model Hedy Lamarr and insisted further that this really was a plot-relevant detail.

See?  It was.  Iris was able to play on the fact that there are certain things for which men (straight ones, anyway) are fools in order to effect the rescue of Cleo.

Well, maybe that all still seems adolescent.  Rather than resist I’ll just play along by throwing in a fake motivational poster that is (I hope) on point.

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One thought on “One way to cause thug fail

  1. Well, it seems to me that Iris is your classic third-wave feminist, embracing and celebrating her sexuality and finding empowerment therein. Entice, seduce, manipulate, control. I can dig it.

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