New art for Erotic Mad Science

Willy Wonka Mad Scientist V
Willie Wonka Mad Scientist VI

You might have noticed a few minor design changes here at EroticMadScience lately, as I’ve decided to go a level or so deeper in indulging my inner weirdness and commission art with an appropriate mad science theme.  (It’s always a good day, really, when you can spare something that’s merely money and get art in exchange.)  Most readily recognizable (since she now appears in the header bar as a sort of presiding spirit for the site) is this:

(Image above Creative Commons licensed.) Creative Commons License

Yes, it’s the Maschinenmensch from Fritz Lang‘s Metropolis, at a critical moment in her transformation into a virtual Maria.  Albeit done a little more explicitly than might have been possible for the big screen in 1927.

The artist who created this image is Hugo Araújo, working for Glass House Graphics.  [Faustus May 11, 2018: The original link for Hugo is dead, but there is a modest gallery of his work to be found here, and he has a blog here and a DeviantArt site here.] And I must say, if you ever want to do bespoke fantasy art of your own, I can recommend these folks highly.  They’re creative and they’re fun and a joy to work with.

Of course, where would robot Maria be without her mad scientist creator, also rendered for me by Hugo:

(Image above Creative Commons licensed.) Creative Commons License

Rotwang, that very image of the mad scientist.  I really like what Hugo’s done with all those glowing tubes.

I hope you enjoy these images.  I might commission more in the future.