A bizarre instrument?

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Naughty robot

Image delving for sexy girl robots for a slightly different purpose from this post, I came across a number or articles on the machine depicted to the left.  It’s “Moaning Lisa,” a robot which you can manipulate to bring to a simulated orgasm.

Well, that might be mad science enough just on its own, but what really caught my eye was that one of the best articles on this innovative piece of technology was on Synthtopia, a site devoted to electronic music, under the headline “Moaning Lisa:  The Most Bizarre Electronic Music Instrument Ever.”

Quoth her inventor, Matt Ganucheau

The process leading to a female orgasm is a uniquely delicate challenge for both sexes leaving it a mystery to most men and women. Moaning Lisa is an instillation that examines this complex process by simplifying it into an almost game-like state. With Lisa, as in life, there are no instructions on display. This leaves each participant to discover how Lisa’s true sexual potential is unlocked.

Wow.  I would be remiss, of course, if I didn’t embed appropriate video.

Matt Bell reporting from 2007 Arse Electronica:

The presentation of Moaning Lisa:

One has to love an audience question like, “So when are you going to release Moan Moan Revolution?”

But what really motivated posting this (somewhat) old news is that I hadn’t seen it before, and it was yet another reminder of how other people are thinking what you’re thinking.  Do you remember Tanya Yip’s rather unusual experience of being taught to sing better by being played like an instrument?

Tanya whips off her sweatshirt and casts it aside, then reaches back and undoes her bra-strap. Her bra hangs loose.


Locrian! Please…

And, following that, her subsequent fantasy of becoming an instrument?

Sometimes I wonder if there are any unexplored erotic ideas.