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Artisanal Erotica added to blogroll

A new addition to the blogroll for this weekend morning, the blog of Rastakax, who been working on 3D art and animations of a particularly kinky kind:  tentacle sex, girls & monsters, and interspecies impregnation, with hints of erotic mind control thrown in.   I first encountered vis work in the galleries of Renderotica, and am pleased to discover that ve is running vis own site.   The material isn’t quite in the realm of thaumatophilia — it’s more on the very kinky end of “chainmail bikini” fantasy — although there are clearly certain thematic overlaps between my thing and vis.  What strikes me more, though, is admiration for the individual artist (ve and any other) willing to use the tools technology makes available to create vis own erotic world — characters, kinks and all.  This latter subject I’ll write more on anon, but for now, salutations Rastakax.