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PZ Myers‘s blog Pharyngula has occupied a quiet, honorable place on Erotic Mad Science’s blogroll almost form EMS’s inception.  This might seem like a curious choice in some ways — PZ being a real scientist and all while I bear a perhaps-more-than-passing resemblance to something that escaped from the lunatic asylum.  To be sure there have always been areas of overlapping interest.  I have always admired PZ’s take-no-prisoners approach to memeplexes for which I myself have no love.  And it would seem that both of us share a profound respect for that most noble order of mollusc, the octopuses.

Now I always had a feeling that PZ might come up with an even greater  payoff, and just recently it came .   The context was a discussion of cheesy ads that have been appearing at Scienceblogs, which hosts Pharyngula among others.    Handed a golden opportunity to snark at how immature you’d have to be to be looking at the ad on the left, PZ instead takes up a sentence which begins

Although the “build an ideal woman” does appeal to the mad scientist in me…

Way to go, PZ!  That’s a theme that has a lot of a appeal over here, too!