Tube *guy* for a change

Yet another tube girl
Continuing the shrinking thought

Look around enough and you’ll find a male example of the tube girl meme.

And also a guy caught in his own involuntary A.S.F.R. scenario.

And even a shrinking guy in the same set of frames.

I run it as a Sunday special, but because it involves an animated gif that’s a bit on the large side, I’ll run it below the fold.

Told you it was all there!

As usual, I found myself forwarding through lots of soft-core sex scenes to get to the special moment above.

The context is a soft-core movie called Bikini Girls from the Lost Planet, a Retromedia achievement.  The plot needn’t detain us too much:  space cuties from an all-woman planet come to earth to harvest men’s…well, if you’re the sort of person who reads a blog like this, I suppose I don’t really need to spell it out.  In the end they get clearance from the authorities on their home planet to bring back actual male specimens, including “Professor Quartermass,” (uhh…) depicted above.  Happily they have a handy technology that solves issues of capture, incapacitation, and transport with one simple push of a button, also depicted above.

Note: The young lady on the left of the image is Christine Nguyen, who’s appeared at Erotic Mad Science before.  Congratulations on your second appearance, Christine!

4 thoughts on “Tube *guy* for a change

    • @Vinnie Tesla

      It would depend on his density, I should think.

      Though I would say he was pretty dense to begin with. Trust me on this.

  1. Another guy in a tube: Johnny Rico is getting his leg repaired in “Starship Troopers”. Try here for an image. Scroll down a bit.

    • @petronius

      Unfortunately your link got eaten somehow but your comment brought back a vivid memory of the scene. You have in mind something like this, yes?

      It’s a good example.

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