On making your own V: The power of technology

On making your own IV: Commissioning artists
On making your own VI: hedonic philanthropy

πρὸς τοῖσδε μέντοι πῦρ ἐγώ σφιν ὤπασα…ἀφ᾽ οὗ γε πολλὰς ἐκμαθήσονται τέχνας. (“I gave them the gift of fire…and many arts they shall master thereby.”)

Prometheus Bound, lines 252-4

Of course, as long as we are discussing the making of one’s own as Promethean act, we shouldn’t ignore the power of technology, which is now giving us such splendid mad-science visual representations as this:

That’s”Feel the Power” by Niceman, whose work we’ve seen before here at Erotic Mad Science, and gosh but he hits  so many right notes here:  a mad-lab setting, an erotic pose, a tube girl and possibly a created woman to boot.  And he did it with software.  (If you’re interested you can see a lot more of his work either at Deviant Art or Renderotica, although both sites might require some sort of registration to see the best material.)

Although I’ve written hopefully on the subject of computer generated art as a way of creating bespoke erotica I must confess to only have dipped in very little (some messing around with MakeHuman and Poser).  Still, I’ve been following computer-rendering for a while now and the signs are good.  If you compare the computer-generated image in this old post with Niceman’s work above, you can see that we’re getting across the uncanny valley bit by bit.  The images are better, and the software is doubtless getting easier and easier to use.  You might want to become a user now, or you might want to follow developments.  I’m sure they will be worth following.  With a little luck, you might have Pixar on your desktop in a decade.

In the meantime, I should also note that CG artists themselves also often take commissions.  Be generous!