Cambrian II: Sex machine

Cambrian I: Tube...things
Cambrian III: Acceptance

So the plot of Cambrian rolls forward something like this:  Hot Lady Scientist answers a summons from her former boss Senior Mad Scientist, who has been kicked out by the scientific establishment for human cloning experiments.  Hot Lady Scientist arrives at Senior Mad Scientist’s isolated laboratory to find that he has been involved in experiments “accelerating” evolution, promptly finds herself stripped and bound by Senior Mad Scientist, who then transforms into your standard-issue tentacle beast and…well people who read this blog don’t really need to be told what happens next.

Hot Lady Scientist escapes from Senior Mad Scientist’s laboratory (carried by Nerdy Assistant, who is desperately in love with her).  The “Cambrian” transformation spreads by sexual contact, from Hot Lady Scientist to her boyfriend Junior Mad Scientist, and thence to Bad Girl.  Unsurprisingly, both Junior Mad Scientist and Bad Girl are thrilled at their new posthuman status, and are soon in cahoots.

Eventually Hot Lady Scientist ends up being abducted by Junior Mad Scientist and tormented with sex machines, which makes for some decent mad-lab images.  This…

and this…

…and this.

Not too bad, although the idiosyncratic reason for me to actually like this anime comes tomorrow.