Erotic Mad Science Invades Wholesome American Comic

Early sex machine oil painting
Invasion of the Bee Girl

Or it did back around 2000 anyway.  Chris’s Invincible Superblog has a post pointing out that the Archie spin-off comic book to Archie’s Weird Mysteries in which Archie Andrews dates a sexbot named Lisi.

Lisi was created by a local mad scientist to have the best features of both Betty and Veronica, I believe as some sort of very-necessary research into teenage sexuality.  She thus interestingly represents an attempt at sort of erotic chimera, like Jireen who was created out of Jill Keeney and Maureen Creel.  Although as far as I know, neither Betty nor Veronica had to be dissolved in the process of making Lisi.  (Darn!)

Squick or squee, I guess.  Though perhaps we shouldn’t be too surprised that something like this was going on somewhere in the Archie fictional universe.  I mean, Don DeCarlo did a lot of its art for a long time, and we know that DeCarlo definitely had a thing for sci-fi cheesecake and I’d wager he’d have ventured into erotic mad science given free rein…

Glad I’m alive now, rather than back then.

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  1. I am told that in the Archie world they are experimenting with alternate worlds, for instance two stories in which Archie weds Veronica in one and Betty in the other. Perhaps more astoundingly, they actually let the students of Riverdale High grow up!

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