2 thoughts on “Fatal sci-fi orgasms

  1. Yes, it’s from Torchwood, which had a heavy ‘alien sex’ content in early episodes. Resume of this episode (Day One) “Cardiff’s nightlife at the mercy of an alien who consumes its victims during orgasm leaving behind dust.”.

  2. While not exactly a coital killing, the remake of “Cat People” with Natassia Kinski in 1985 had an interesting kink. Whenever Kinski makes love, whe turns into a black panther, which she remains until she kills someone, at which point she turns back into a human girl. If the gentleman she beds is asleep, he is generally the victim. The only person she can make love to without turning is her brother, Malcolm McDowell, who cranks up the incest tabboo considerably. If I remember correctly, she falls in love with a zookeeper who stays awake long enough to get her into a cage, where she remains a panther. Strange movie, great music by David Bowie.

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