Tube doll

Pretty lab technician
Pleasure Model

Some people are living out the most amazing things in virtual worlds, and some of them have a kind of mad-science feel.  My initial thought on seeing this one was that it was yet another manifestation of the ubiquitous tube girl meme.

Oh, but it’s still more than that.  It’s a Second Life render on a quite-kinky-thank-you blog called Doll’s Realm “A place full of news and information for people who love the idea of becoming a living doll.”  And it’s accompanied by a provocative bit of fantasy:

i’m locked in a tube, slowly undergoing mind and body conversion in SL at the Theodora Countrol Couture Main Store doing my model thing again. it suits me. i love tube as i’ve stated before. it maybe an old sci-fi or transformation mannequin fetish that i’ve detailed before.