Post-Chapter One Liquid Girl I

Edith Sterling's Transformation Begins
Post-Chapter One Liquid Girl II

Even if a lot of posts over the next several months will be taken up with posting out the first volume of Tales of Gnosis College, I have by no means given up on my fetish fuel mining mission, as three little posts prior to the beginning of Chapter Two shall now show.

Astute and alert reader Hug in a recent comment brought my attention to an episode of the 1987 anime Ladius, with an indication that liquid girl-making was to be found therein.  Ve told true.

A plot summary, in so far as my not-so-great-at-anime mind is able.  Young hero guy Riot, accompanied by two very hot but not-really-human girl sidekicks is in pursuit of some sort of mystical energy source, opposed by a Big Bad and his army of unattractive and none-too-capable minions.  Riot wants the energy source to revive his not-quite-alive sister, while the Big Bad wants it to rule the world.  Conflict!  Along the way Riot picks up an even hotter human girl who tags along providing swimsuited fanservice.  Since human girl also happens to be the last descendant of a priestly line somehow related to the energy source the possessor of some important artifact also pertaining thereto, she is natural kidnap fodder for the Big Bad.  (Showing that whatever the creators of this anime otherwise did or did not know, they at least understood how to steal plot elements from the very best.)  More conflict!  Angry posturing!  Collapsing ruins!  Narrow escapes!  At this point you or I, dear reader, might have just submitted the whole matter to arbitration and hoped for the best, but principle characters in anime series do not think like you or I so instead what we get is a hero-versus-villain showdown involving humongous mecha.

Things don’t go so great for Riot humongous mecha-wise, but just when it looks like he’s in for a by-proxy giant metal asskicking he calls on the powers of the two hot but not-really-human girls in a scene which made your host Dr. Faustus at first sit up and take notice, then reach for his trusty demuxer to extract screenshots to remember the experience by.

The two girls enter Riot’s humongous mecha via some curious liquid entry ports:

They are suspended in liquid — and what’s happening?

There is a cloud of bubbles:

Into which each girl disappears

Leading to easily pipeable liquid girl!

Well that is impressive.  The purpose of the exercise is to allow the not-human twins now in liquid form to improve control of Riot’s humongous mecha.  Result:  victory for the good guys!  Not that I was really thinking too much about who won at this point.

I can’t guarantee that the video will always be there, but with a little persistence and patience you can download it here.  The key scene occurs at about the 42-minute mark.