Edith Sterling’s Transformation Begins

Steampunk Chimera Genesis
Post-Chapter One Liquid Girl I

KristinF has worked up a doozy of a bespoke art set-piece from a bit of comics script I was once working on, coming up with a gritty, scary, sexy, dieselpunk environment in which something very mad science is taking place.

Naked crucified Edith Sterling begins a mad science transformation

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Edith Sterling’s Transformation Begins by KristinF and commissioned by Dr. Faustus of EroticMadScience.com is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 3.0 Unported License.)

The script is Teuthology and the basic story is that Edith Sterling an assistant professor of inveterate biology at Gnosis College, summoned by the government to help clean up after a mad-science experiment disrupted by the authorities, has agreed to undergo a version of the experiment in hopes of being able to reverse its effects on the mad scientist’s previous victims.  She’s naked because she needs to soak up a lot of special radiation that will effect her transformation from woman to octopus (note the receiving tank of fluid beneath her).  And she’s crucified because…well, that’s the way the mad scientist did his other victims, and you don’t want to tamper with mad science procedures more than you have to!

Edith is being watched here by a naval officer and his chief scientist, neither of whom appears to have had the courage to show up naked for the proceedings.  Perhaps unsurprisingly, Edith in the script takes a pretty dim view of being on display here.


View up Edith, ¾ behind, upper half. We can see her head slumped down.

Caption (1): Great Cthulhu, this hurts.

Caption (2): Small wonder crucifixion is associated with matrydom.


View of Edith’s bare midsection. Two “ray-gun” like objects are in the frame, pointing at her. (SFX: WHRRR)

Caption (3): It wasn’t even obvious that this part of the ordeal was necessary. It might just have been sadism on Dr. Sin’s part. But I don’t want to deviate unnecessarily from…


View of Shackleford and Chen. They are both wearing radiation suits and dark goggles.

Caption (4):  Aw, crap.

Shackleford (5):  Everything all right, Professor Sterling?


Close-up on Edith’s face.  She is showing an expression of grim determination.

Caption (6):  He isn’t here out of scientific interest. Or out of compassion for me.

Caption (7):  He likes seeing me like this.

Caption (8):  Asshole.

We can but sympathize.  (It should be noted, though, that Edith is actually looking forward to becoming an octopus, even if no one else in the story knows this.)  Though perhaps if Edith had read this rather remarkable blog entry and picked up the right fetish, she might have had a different hedonic take on the mad-science proceedings…