Medusariffic Interview II

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A tease, and then a comment, and then another tease.

One of the questions I posed to Drake at Medusariffic was “what of you work was your proudest of?”  He answered me thus:

Now it’s perhaps unfair of me to ask questions only without answering a few myself.  My own question to me would be, “What among Drake’s work gave you most joy?”

I think the answer up until now would lie in a sequence that lies within a hundreds-of-panels-long sequence Drake created as a Halloween special a few years back.  The premise behind the narrative is that a bunch of Drake’s cast of characters gets together for a big Halloween party.  Everyone dresses up in costume and then runs about playing a very literal version of freeze tag — get caught and you get turned into the statue.

One guest at the party is named Venus Red.  A newbie at the whole “turning people into statues” thing, she witnesses going-on from the shadows and finds herself…strangely attracted to the proceedings.

Perhaps inevitably there comes a moment of seduction.

Why was this moment so special for Faustus?  Well, I guess there is just this thing I have for a certain kind of moment of truth.  It’s the moment where the beautiful girl decides to take make the leap — defying all canons of prudence and normality — into the great erotic beyond.  I guess it shows up over and over in my own writing.

(Lots like I put in a little sneak preview of my own for Apsinthion Protocol there…)  Of course, Drake managed to top himself with a special moment for Faustus at the end of the forthcoming issue.

What is it?  Well, I’m not giving it away — you need to drop by starting on May 1 and see.