Medusariffic Interview I

Tentacle Fantasia
Medusariffic Interview II

I wish everyone would write and publish their own version of A Thaumatophile Manifesto.  Things like that show the world that we kinksters are for real.  We have stories and inner lives.  We have become what we have learned ourselves to be and we feel neither shame nor fear at what we are.  And they reach out to people who can be our friends:  as that most excellent blogger Furrygirl once put it:  “Fetishy porn is a tool for change. For reals! It gives the people not in urban kink bubbles a chance to see that other people are like them.”  My own experience of being interviewed at a little while back gave me an idea to try eliciting other folks’ stories but setting up interviews of my own.  I was very pleased to be able to do one of my own with mind-control comics creator Dr. Robo last month.  And this month I had the singular honor of being to pose my nosy questions to an artist I’ve long admired (and occasionally featured), whose commitment to a mad science-related A.S.F.R. fetish is a true wonder to behold.

This is Drake of Medusariffic, the 3D comics artist (primarily:  he started with live-action alters and recently has been moving into animations and small flash games) behind Medusariffic.  He took my interview questions and really ran with them, and the world is in for a treat as a result:  a whole issue of Medusariffic’s online comic, starring its pulchritudinous cast and illustrating a Drake-in-his-own-words interview.  Right on the first page Drake shows both that he knows how to deploy the tropes while writing zippy lines.

(Click for larger.) The whole thing will go up on May 1, but I’ll offer a few teasers up until then.