The “Art of Faustie” added to siteroll

Dynawash by Niceman and Asian Dyna
Dynawash, alternate version

Those of you who’ve been following the interesting…interactions between Howard and Moira as The Apsinthion Protocol posts out might note that I’ve got a bit of a taste for monster sex, and if you do to you would do well to follow the new link to “The Art of Faustie” now added to the EroticMadScience siteroll.

Faustie — no, not a kid sister or a mini-me to your humble blogger, the tasteful choices in nom d’Internet being but coincidence — is an artist and animator who really knows how to get things done when it comes to monster sex. A (ahem) taste, called “Explorer.” (Click for full size.)

Dungeon tentacle sex sometimes just sneaks up on you...

One could see this as an object lesson in why when dungeon-delving it is wise to wear pants, but I digress. If this is your cup of goo, by all means head on over, and visit Faustie over at DeviantArt as well. Not only will you find tons of cool art, but you will also find a valuable illustrated document called The Modern Woman’s Strategies for Sex Zombie Survival.

Hey, you never know when that might be useful.