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As an aficionado of a certain kind of erotic imagery I can (and have) spent time browsing through the vast space of image sites known as tumblrs until I burn out monitor pixels and make my eyeballs bleed.  My persistence has been rewarded with at least one tumblr I most definitely recommend to any thaumatophile, to wit Fifi-Feeling Is First.  Intrepid proprietress Fifi has put a <em>ton</em> of relevant imagery up there, so I rate it a definite must look-in if you like the content on this site.

Two appetizers to get the juices flowing:  a most unusual take on the tube girl meme.

A pulp tube-girl illustration involving drug use, etc.

And quite recently, an appealingly weird sex machine illustration.

A sex machine from Fifi-Feeling Is First

(Click through for a lot larger.)   And naturally there is much more, neatly arranged under a great variety of tags (“Bride of Octopus” being one of my personal favorites.)

But it’s not just imagery that makes this tumblr so appealing.  Fifi has a way of integrating the imagery into a narrative of topoi, a palace of imagination analogous to the palace of memory used by classical rhetoricians .  It’s something that ought to be read first hand but, okay, one hint:  another popular tag is “miskatonic.”

So Faustus says, check it out.

2 thoughts on “A tumblr for real thaumatophiles

  1. Thank you Dr. Faustus. Your blog has been one of my inspirations– celebrating the intellectual freedom to explore the taboo & transgressive.

    • Thanks!

      A great deal of intellectual freedom will be necessary for the next few chapters of Progress in Research, that much is certain.

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