Pulp Art recreations XIII: Damsel, mads, ape

Pulp Art recreations XII: Ready for her close-up
Pulp Art Recreations XIV: Grabber


Another pulp recreation by Frans Mensink. I feel a sense of ambiguity about the ape’s motivations here. Is it another menace, or an enraged rescuer?


A distressed naked damsel is injected by mad scientists, while an enraged ape looks on.

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This is a crop from a cover of Mystery Novels and Short Stories (November 1939).


The artist is William F. Soare (1896-1940). I wasn’t able to find too much on him, but he does have The Field Guide to American Pulp Artists, whence I found the image above. I originally blogged the image in a post An injection, then…” at Infernal Wonders.

The Artist

Frans Mensink has a DeviantArt site here and a professional site here.

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