Pulp Parade #38: What is Satan incubating? A bride?

Pulp Parade #37: Dungeon time
Pulp Parade #39: Twister

This is Terror Tales for November-December 1938, cover art by Leo Morey. The ISFDB entry for this issue is here. This version of the cover was blogged by me before at my squicky scrapbook blog Infernal Wonders. The deeper source was a gallery at a blog called “The Golden Age,” once hosted by blogspot by now, sadly, defunct.

Longtime readers of Erotic Mad Science might recognize that this particular pulp cover was the subject of a still racier recreation by Frans Mensink back in 2014.

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  1. Of course in 1938 infant incubators were the last word in high-tech medicine, like MRI is today. Indeed, public displays of premies in incubators were popular attractions at the Atlantic City boardwalk and the 1936 Chicago worlds fair.

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