21 thoughts on “The Adventures of Ashley Madder, Page Seven

  1. I seriously lost respect for you for this strip, very inaccurate if not a caricature picture of feminists here which is rather not only a knee jerk reaction but also misogynistic and fat phobic too which reminds me of that “twiggerlypuff” meme.

    Point is, feminists or what you call “SJW” IRL wouldn’t actually go after nudity in art at all (since it has nothing to do with challenging patriarchal society which is counterproductive on their part) but rather ironically if you want a more accurate picture, then it would be our puritan predominated society demanding it to be removed or ‘covered up’ knowing the track record of things.

      • Her agenda was different. She was against alcohol and bars. There is lots of evidence of vandalism by “righteous” individuals, if you look at Venus De Milo and other Roman works.

    • Then why did my boss make me take down the picture of my wife in a bathing suit that I had on my desk? I was never told who complained, but I had one suspect, all 180 pounds of her.

          • I will be discussing the issue in general of what I can and cannot accept as comments in a post which I shall write as soon as it is reasonably practical do do so.

    • No one said they were feminists.

      And people who are violently against “that sort of thing” aren’t SJWs.

    • What’s a “twiggerlypuff” if you mean triggerpuff the reason she became a meme not that she’s an overweight protestor.
      It’s that she was so unhealthy and obese that at a speech she about gave herself a heart attack by waving her arms and shouting at the speaker she had to stop after maybe 5 minutes.
      In other words it was her overreacting to the point of about killing herself that’s the meme not “fat phobia”
      I mean seriously if America actually had a fat phobia then how come the majority’s obese.

      • @olsh

        “reason she became a meme”

        Stop right there before you say anymore fat phobic shit and that’s not what happened at all.

        • Ok so you didn’t get to the part where the immediate on camera karma of the person in questions immediate exhaustion not her looks is the meme?

          If she was an underweight 105 pounds and still needed to rest that quickly from exhaustion because of malnutrition it still would be called trigger something winded say I don’t know puffed out or puff.

          Hell jigglypuff not even that big if people called the person some form of Snorlax I could see it as fat shaming jigglypuff’s 12 lb and a little over a foot tall in what world is that fat?

  2. Here is a reminder: I neither mind being criticized myself nor having commenters disagree with each other, but I will not allow this comments section to spiral into a shouting match. If it looks like that’s the way it’s going, I will close it.

    • ok sorry.You delete both my posts if you want I don’t want to cause a problem for everybody else.

  3. Tough stuff that potion transmogrified Ashley into. I’m thinking the stuff finally wears off, about 5 seconds before something really permanent happens to dear Ashley.

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