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Single panel (1): This is a long view from back seats down to the stage of well-constructed college auditorium. Down on the stage a UU MINISTER, who is conducting the service, is reading at a lectern. A table has been set up on the stage with flowers and head-shot photographs of Eliza, Daphne, and Claudia). The theater, which seats about 400 people in its normal configuration, is full in the somber dress appropriate to the occasion. The UU Minister is a plump, pleasant-faced, middle-aged woman in ministerial robes.

UU Minister (1): The depths of seas have always inspired a sense of awe. More than a century ago, Longfellow wrote:

“Would’st thou,” so the helmsman answered,
“Learn the secret of the sea?
Only those who brave its dangers
Comprehend its mystery!”

Comment (1) : The minister is quoting from the American poet Henry Wadsworth Longfellow (1807-1882), specifically his poem “The Secret of the Sea.” If there exists a well-known literary translation of his lines in the public domain in your target language, you may substitute it for your own translation.

Translation (1): Les profondeurs des mers ont toujours inspiré un sentiment de crainte. Il y a plus d’un siècle, Longfellow a écrit :

« Ne voudriez-vous pas » de sorte que le timonier répondit «
Apprendre le secret de la mer ? Seuls ceux qui bravent ses dangers comprennent son mystère ! »

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