Early comics tube-girl appearance

Deadly shudder pulp two-fer
Hot Women's Planetary Defense Corps

Otherwise little-known superhero “the Purple Mask” is apparently about to save our heroine from being fired as an artillery shell by a bunch of Nazis. Why are they doing this? Perhaps firing women as artillery shells is just how comic-book Nazis relax after a hard day’s oppressing the subject peoples of Europe, although personally I think it would be a more interesting story if they had a mad scientist on their side who had figured out some way of using pretty women as effective munitions. In any event, this is a cover done by Alex Schomburg (1905-1998). Daring Mystery Comics was a short-lived (8 issues) series put out by Timely Comics between 1940-1942. Hat-tip to the podcast Comics in the Golden Age, whose twitter feed @ComicsintheGA brought my attention to this cover.

One thought on “Early comics tube-girl appearance

  1. The purple helmet space Nazis took the phrase “She’s a bombshell!” a bit too literally.

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